Ideas: Collect Data, Question Bank, Formative & Summative Assessment
  • Gain formative assessment data from a lesson
  • Collect quiz data
  • Use for an exit ticket
  • Get to know your class or group


Ideas: Presentation Tool, Student Creation tool, Collect Data
  • Create interactive lessons
  • Interactive presentation with video, audio, images, polls
  • Teacher presentation tool
  • Access Free (and Paid) pre-created lessons via NearPod website


Ideas: Student Creation, Presentation Tool
  • Use comment features for constructive feedback on student writing project
  • Materials Project describe an element and how it is processed (research project)
  • Any presentation for students


Class Projects:
VoiceThread Gallery: Math Example

Class Projects:
Science Materials Lab (7th grade)
English Constructive Feedback (7th grade)
Core Democratic, Values (4th grade)


  • Create Lesson Teaser
  • Introduction to Parent Night
  • Student Created Presentation to demonstrate learning
  • Research Capstone
  • Synthesis Information
  • Highlight class activity to share with PTA etc.


Examples Class Projects:
  • Pure Colonial (8th grade social studies)
  • Environmental Science Research / PSA (6th grade & 3rd grade)
  • Teacher Lesson Introduction, Open House Class

3rd Grade PSA
6th Grade PSA
Templates for planning:


Photo Story : Student creation and presentation toolIdeas:
  • Demonstrate steps in the Scientific Process
  • Document an experiment over time (growth of a plant)
  • Timeline Slideshow
Camp Stories
Sojourner TruthLIterature and PhotoStory

CREATE hand-drawn lessons, presentations and graphics and SHARE them as still images, PDFs or audio/video screencasts - or mirror anything you’ve created to Apple TV via AirPlay.

In conjunction with SP Controls' Presentation Management System, Doceri becomes the universal remote to CONTROL, secure, monitor and troubleshoot audiovisual technology throughout your campus from a single location using your existing network infrastructure.
You can now prepare and record presentations without being connected to a Doceri Desktop AND you can present Doceri projects via Airplay.
Doceri: TPaCK example
Video Tutorial: